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Read Common Sense Media's The Big Bang Theory review, age rating, and unlock the mysteries of the universe but are too socially inept to connect with most.
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Faith and Humility Happy th, Karl Marx! Who Gets To Decide the Truth? Dark Knowledge? Is 'The Will of the People' Sacred? Is There a Case for Bullshit?

An explosive update

What props up morality? Do Scientists Need Philosophers?

Are Americans All Nationalists? Is Neoliberalism Destroying the Earth? Flexitarian vs. Vegetarian Dennett vs. Could the Laws of Physics Change? How is the Internet Changing Friendships? Transhumanism Cognitive Bias D'oh! Reality TV: Ethics or Entertainment?

The Big Bang Theory's Bazinga Catchphrase Finally Got Explained On Young Sheldon

Can Free Speech Exclude? Should Belief Aim at Truth? Are Taxes Fair? Is This Still the End of History? Is Consciousness an Illusion? Feel like Democracy is Crumbling? What are Crony Beliefs? Is Postmodernism to Blame for Post-Truth?

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Why Teach Prisoners? Is it Okay to Punch Nazis? Teaching Philosophy: The Answer to Automation? Introducing: Francis on Film R. April How Many Children? The Culture Wars: Phase 2? Should the ethics of Presidential candidates matter?

The Big Bang Teams Solving a Riddler Riddle

Nivison The More Good the Better? Why Philosophize? Is Anarchy Possible? Why Be Moral? Does Language Affect Thought? What Might Have Been!

What's on your summer reading list for ? What Are Leaders Made of? A blog for Christmas Is it wrong to wreck the earth? Kierkegaard Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? The Extended Mind What is an adult? Too Much Information?

Corporations as Persons Psychological vs. March Fear! Live Blogging! April Journalistic Ethics? Beyond the Cartesian Moment? To blog is to forgive? How do you explain the BigBang,? Why do you think everything needs an explanation?? If every concept you use to describe the BB defies?

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But the enterprise of explaining the BB is plain old fun, and full of wonderful strange imagery and contradiction of the senses. So, as they say in the restaurant business,? I enjoy hearing the subject talked about, too. The expanding? Then all of physics as it is understood today, is at work nicely. Tuesday, August 16, -- PM. Ever try to count out how long it takes to fill a jug of water? Or, knowing about how fast the water flows, counting out how long the kettle is under the tap to regulate how full it is?

The inclination is to put the container under the flow and start counting from "one" simultaneously. We tend to forget the zero. The thing is, there is no mathematical function that can get us away from the zero. Numbers don't even exist or have any determining meaning over anything until something non-numerical intercedes, by receding. Logicians mathematicians, and even physicists, now long practiced in convoluted realities, cannot supply the deficiency. But all you need is that deficiency, and, BANG, time begins.

New evidence reveals how heavy elements were created after the Big Bang

All you need, is need. The content of time is discontent. Vast topics for discussion, argument, disagreement, and occasionally, accord. I used to argue, with metaphysicals and scientists alike, regarding the meaningless of time, other than as a frame of reference for all things eternal and ephemeral. Scientists need science.

Philosophers need philosophy. Metaphysicians, metaphysics, and so on. So, Gary has hit upon it, hasn't he? Yes, we all need need. Well, now, that could be another barrel of fish hooks. I rebuild and restore outcast bicycles these days, when I have the time. And, that's just alright with me. Nice to know you are still around, Mirugailong life and prosperity, Neuman. Purpose doesn't help. It has a defining beginning and end.

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

Same prob. The ends of time can't define each other. They need each other free. I can't go on! I'll go on! Sunday, August 21, -- PM. Hii, Ken Taylor I really like the concepts that you shared with us. Warm thanks to you for sharing such an informative and interesting post. Tuesday, August 23, -- PM. Have often wondered what the big picture truly is or if it even exists.

Perhaps Mr. Carroll can tell me. In any case, it will make for entertaining reading I hope. Tuesday, September 27, -- PM.